Intelligent Agents Workshop

Developing Intelligent Agents for Early STEM Learning

This workshop is part of a 5-year NSF REESE grant (Grant # DRL-1252146) to Drs. Rebekah Richert, Sandra Calvert, and Ellen Wartella to examine the role of young children’s relationships with media characters in their learning of STEM content and their developing STEM literacy.

The goal of this workshop is to foster communication among experts in multiple disciplines, including developmental psychology, communications, media studies, information and computer sciences, and education, with a focus on promoting early STEM learning and literacy through the development of avatars that are engaging and effective for young children.

Below are video segments of the workshop on Developing Intelligent Agents for Early STEM Learning. Please click on picture of the workshop background or the Panel you are interested in watching.

Notes and Articles:

The summarized report of the workshop can be accessed through the following link. (PDF)

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Workshop Overview:

Panel 1:

Overview of STEM Skills and Literacy in Early Childhood

Panel 2:

Considerations in Creating and Designing Intelligent Agents

Panel 3:

Understanding Effective Parent and Teacher Support of Early STEM Literacy