Research Assistants

Research Assistants

Research Assistants in the Childhood Cognition Lab assist in the running of a variety of our studies. Their duties often consist of data collection, data entry, literature searches, and more!

If you are an undergraduate student looking to gain some research experience or are interested our research and looking to be involved, please fill out our application. We will contact you regarding the interview process.

The Childhood Cognition Lab is always looking for motivated individuals to help support our research!

Thesis Projects

See our Research Assistants presenting their own research at the Undergraduate Research Conference at UCR!

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In the Community!


Current Research Assistants

  • Alexandra Sakkis
  • Alexia Ruiz
  • Amanda Fabre
  • Amanda Lopez
  • Ashley Claudio
  • Brandon Ngo
  • Christine Lam
  • Cindy Lima-Rosales
  • Emily Nelson
  • Fabian Fontanilla
  • Iveth Guitierrez
  • Jack Lopez
  • Jasmine Chen
  • Jessica Grier
  • Kassandra Avila
  • Kelsey Rocha
  • Laura Miyamoto
  • Laura Pacheco
  • Laura Posado
  • Liana Petraka
  • Marisa Montoya
  • Mayra Morales
  • Megan Weimer
  • Palmoa Tirado
  • Peter Van
  • Rachel Richardson
  • Randle Villanueva
  • Shabri Dayal
  • Stephany Garcia
  • Tara Haidary
  • Teresa Solis
  • Thao Tran
  • Tiffany Reynolds
  • Youstina Beshay
  • Vanessa Zavala
  • Vivian Phan

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